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"Way Beyond Doubt is a top-notch album. The smooth Jazzy sound in combination with the great lyrics make it a record to be desired..."
- Jake Studer 2010

  Joseph Lestrange, Singer/Songwriter hailing from Gramercy Park, N.Y. has created an eclectic pop style that is immersed with subtle jazz, r & b, piano bar, folk and soft rock roots for a unique big sound. Joe's original songwriting and performing aspirations began at Hofstra University where he took classes in creative songwriting and piano. Joe privately studied voice with acclaimed artists such as Vickey Sunday, Weslea Sibon, and Cecilia Kirkland. Joe is one of three founding members and the former lead singer/songwriter for the popularly acclaimed Hard Rock/Progressive Pop band called "Blind Curve". Blind Curve released its debut album in 1999. During this time, Blind Curve played a variety of shows in multiple venues the New York Metro area and opened for such national acts as John Waite, the Bullet Boys, Zebra and the John Enthwhistle Band. Blind Curve's debut CD received high acclaim being compared to some of the greats such as Led Zepplelin, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Rush. Blind Curve placed in the finals of the Long Island Music Festival and also in the top 100 bands in the Sennheiser World Fair Competition. Blind Curve reigned in the late 1990's until 2001 when members decided to go their own way to pursue different paths. In early 2001, Joe began collaborating with Tim Dacosta of Loft Sound, Hicksville, New York to record and produce an album of softer, more eclectic music in comparison to his hard rock days. After 09/11/01, emotionally and creatively numb, Joe took a break from music for about 5 years to pursue other endeavors. In 2006, determined to finish what he started, Joe began collaborating with music engineer and producer, Jeremy Shlarsky, NYU Graduate and Assistant Producer at Threshold Studio in Manhattan, New York. Joe Lestrange has dedicated this album, "Way Beyond Doubt" to all the other aspiring musicians in New York and other places who have found themselves temporarily diverted from their musical passions.